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Education Technologist, Web Developer, Traveller, Collector of Experiences

My homepage is dedicated to sharing. I use it to share sources, inspiration and experiences about my passions, mostly related to Computer Sciences, IT, Learning, and Travelling. You can also access my Blog on Wordpress, "Some Time in Mozambique", where I post impressions from my every day life in Africa.

Web Development

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer - partly formally educated, strongly auto-didact, with a slight preference for Backend Development and particularly fond of databases. My portfolio is currently being updated but can be found here shortly.


Getting in touch with Africa was probably one of my most important eye-opening experiences. As if I had gotten rid of a blind spot that had tunneled my view for years, I developed a new perspective on the world. And there is a lot of great stuff about that wonderful continent out there - books, blogs, online media, Facebook pages. Here are a few of my favourites.

David van Reybroeck:
Congo. The Epic History of a People

Much like a thriller, I could not put down that book. The Belgian author recounts the fascinating history of the country currently known as Democratic Republic of the Congo - as a proxy to illustrate the position of Africa in the world.

Bartholomäus Grill:
Ach, Afrika. Berichte aus dem Inneren eines Kontinents.

The author has spent decades as a journalist all over Africa, and his book is a multidimensional compilation of the continent - weaving portraits of countries, transversal aspects and global issues into brilliant, non-fiction short stories. Unfortunately, only available in German (so far).

Richard Dowden:
Africa. Altered States, Ordinary Miracles

Similarly to Bartholomäus Grill's book - a compending of historic and current Africa and its global role in the shape of capturing country portraits.

Martin Meredith:
Fortunes of Africa. A 5000-Year History of Wealth, Greed and Endeavour.

I was a bit scared to start this 700 pages book. After the first pages, I was captured. Detailled, perfectly researched - and yet so exciting and easy to read.

Taiye Selasi:
Ghana must go.

A novel - not about Africa, but about an African family. The author is a young Ghanaian-Nigerian woman who describes herself as a "local" of Accra, Berlin, London, and Rome. Both the story and her language are unforgettable. I caught myself reading the text out loud, because it is rhytmic and melodious like a poem.

#IfAfricaWasABar on Twitter

In the summer of 2015, a hashtag was trending on Twitter: #IfAfricaWasABar - and the contributions, mostly by African users, are hilarious, witty, sarcastic, semiotically short, maybe one of the most authentic African "voice" in social media culture.


Folk Tales from the Province Manica (Mozambique)

One day in Beira, Mozambique, I discoverd a treasure in a taylor's shop: A non-descript paperback, containing a collection of folk tales from the neighboring province Manica. In 1999, Mozambican sociologist Domingos do Rosário Artur started collecting and transcribing native tales from numerous villages in order to have them presented at a cultural festival in Italy. What, besides dances, can we bring along for those European children who have never seen Africa, never seen an African in their lives?, the Governor of Manica at that time asked. And he decided to bring stories.

The stories are wonderful. Hilarious, witty, thoughtful, full of surprising twists and turns and, of course, fascinating animals. Stories that are not likely to find their way to Europe again, and that is why I wish to share them here - with friendly permission by the collector of the tales. Publishing the original transcriptions in Portuguese and my own German renarrations is a work in progress. There are many more to come, and I am also working on English versions.

I invite you to dive into the wonderful world of Ngano - folk tales from the province of Manica.

O coelho, a impala e o leopardoDer Hase, das Impala und der Leopard
O macaco e o coelhoDer Affe und der Hase
O coelho e o galoDer Hase und der Hahn
A bela menina mudaDie stumme Schöne
Os três amigosDie drei Freunde

Collecting Experiences

Travelling is my way of collecting experiences. Taking pictures lets me materialize and share these experiences. Here are a few of my favourite snapshots from around the world. More albums can be accessed in my partly public Facebook profile.